Startup Experience

Startup Experience – developed in Silicon Valley – is an innovation program designed to inspire company employees to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. We invite the management team to define a series of design challenges and we then lead the participants through an intensive intrapreneurship workshop where they work in teams to analyze the challenge, build a customer/user persona, use Design Thinking to generate tons of ideas, build business models and prototypes, validate the ideas through real customer interviewing, and finally pitch the final product/concept to relevant internal stakeholders.


Participants build their own fictitious startup with their teams in two days. They go through a 5-step process in which topics such as problem definition, creative problem solving, validation and business model innovation are discussed.

The workshop challenges participants to learn new modes of team based problem solving, to ideate quickly and bring new ideas to life. Workshop participants walk away with a huge boost of entrepreneurial confidence and a new set of practical innovation tools.

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