Rody Vonk

Trainer, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker on Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking
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How can our organization become more innovative and creative? How can we manage innovation and ideas? And what is design thinking and how can it help our business? These are questions that many organizations ask themselves. Rody facilitates trainings and workshops around the globe in which he provides organizations with a step-by-step framework to get innovation started.

Keynotes & Presentations

Inspire your audience with an interactive keynote speech or presentation to get people in the right mood for innovation and creativity.

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In workshop-type trainings participants learn to work with hands-on tools and a clear framework for innovation. Well-received around the globe!

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Online Course

Save (travel) time and learn at your own pace. This online course covers a full innovation framework with free downloadable tools.

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Video Impression

This video is an impression of the 5-Day course Innovation Mini MBA Rody has regularly facilitated at Academy London (by Google) with delegates – from new innovators to experienced innovation managers – from around the world. The training covers a full innovation process based on Design Thinking, from problem finding and ideation to prototyping and building a business case.


Impression of multiple courses

In this video you'll get an impression from multiple courses Rody has facilitated over the past years. Courses at Academy London (by Google), in the Middle East, with students and online.


TEDx-Talk 'Serious Creativity'

‘Serious Creativity’ may sound like a paradox. Many times creativity is associated with artistic activities like art and dance. But more and more organizations see it as a serious skill which they cannot survive without in a fast changing world. Hear Rody's story in his TEDx-Talk.


"Really good, strong content, excellent trainer"

Lucy Shurwood
Partner โ€“ Pinsens Masons International Law Firm, United Kingdom

"Very good, nice mix of theory and practical exercises"

Leah Coyle
Innovation Programme Director โ€“ Ernst & Young, United Kingdom

"It was an amazing experience; now Iโ€™m a believer of Design Thinking"

Syed Alvi
Senior Manager HR Strategy โ€“ Etisalat Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, Dubai

"A very good learning experience with practical examples"

Shara Trao
IT Project Manager โ€“ Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi

"A well run and clear training"

Olivia McQueen
Innovation Manager โ€“ Shell, United Kingdom

"I now have the tools to bring innovation further into our organization"

Jeremiah Munembe
Innovation Executive โ€“ TelOne Pvt Ltd, Zimbabwe

"This was one of the best trainings for ages, with useful insights and methods for rapid prototyping. Highly recommendable!"

Leonie Schรผssler
Innovation and Trends Manager โ€“ Cosnova, Germany

Start your innovation journey today!

If you want your team to become more innovative and creative thinkers or if you want to learn about innovation processes like design thinking, don't wait! Try one of my trainings or presentations.

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