Looking for a (keynote) speaker for your session?

Looking for an (interactive) presentation on innovation, design thinking or creativity for your meeting or event? Speaker and trainer Rody Vonk will take your audience on an inspiring journey. Various exercises provide interaction and allow the audience to experience how they can come up with new solutions quickly and effectively.

The presentations can be partially customized based on the theme of your meeting, customer day or team building session; this ensures that your guests will be able to relate to the examples and stories.


Some of the possible t:opics

  • Asking the right question: essential for innovation, change or innovation
  • Why do we say 'yes but' so quickly (and how do you prevent that from happening in the future)?
  • Innovation does not necessarily mean that you have to come up with something new
  • Fall in love with your problem, not with the solution
  • Why processes for exploiting the running business don't work in innovation
  • How to open people up for innovation?

Rody can also facilitate a workshop, masterclass or training.

More information and bookings

Do you want to know more about this training or make a booking? Are there any specific wishes for you or your organization about this topic? Please feel free to contact Rody.


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