Design Thinking Training

The hype around innovation is hard to miss. The pressure on businesses to define an innovation strategy and the process that delivers it is growing, as the success stories of innovative organizations like Airbnb and Netflix continue to be well documented.

The key question for many organizations is how to start innovation. Knowing that doing nothing is not an option in the fast changing world we live in today. But daily routines, time and budget are barriers to take first steps.

Starting innovation requires skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity (also called 'disruptive thinking’). According to the World Economic Forum, in 2020 this will be the top-3 skills organizations will need from their workforce.

In this programme you will develop these and other skills using tools and techniques from design thinking, which is both a mindset and a clear path to successful product, service or process innovation. This high-energy, high-pace learning-by-doing program will help you develop or strengthen your entrepreneurial skills needed to make you future-proof and will provide you with practical tools and techniques needed to start innovation.

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