Creative and Innovative Thinking Training

Do you want your team or organisation to become more innovative? Do you want to develop more and better ideas and solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing world? Are you looking for the right tools, skills and processes to achieve this quickly and effectively? Then the course Creative and Innovative Thinking is for you.

Complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity (also known as 'disruptive thinking') are the top 3 skills required of employees by 2020. In this training you will develop these and other skills using tools and techniques from design thinking; a way of thinking and doing that helps you to think of, validate and realize new solutions faster and more effectively. You will develop a mindset that makes you and your organisation future-proof.

Discover how the process offered helps to take action around innovation and how it enables you to start today. Participants develop entrepreneurial skills and experience that doing is the best way of thinking, that making mistakes is necessary for better results, that you don't need to make thinks perfect to take a next step and that testing quickly will save a lot of time and money. After the training, the skills learned are immediately applicable in one's own daily practice.

 This training will help you:

  • To work faster and more effectively in innovation and change
  • To achieve successes quickly
  • To experience an entire innovation process in a short period of time
  • Towards a well-structured process to start innovation tomorrow

With this training you will avoid:

  • That innovation doesn't get off the ground
  • Being overtaken by reality (and competitors...)
  • That you get stuck in making plans and don't take action
  • Ideakillers that are barriers to successful innovation

More information and bookings

Do you want to know more about this training or make a booking? Are there any specific wishes for you or your organization about this topic? Please feel free to contact Rody.


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