6 Steps to Successful Business Innovation (Online Course)

Learn how to harness innovation for commercial and career focused growth and success



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Master the skills needed to take an idea from concept to commercialised business proposition

In our rapidly changing world of new technologies and raised customer expectations, innovation has become critical for every business and organisation: imperative for growth, competitive advantage and improving efficiency. This engaging online learning programme – developed in collaboration with Innovation Academy – will enable you to harness innovation for commercial and career focused growth and success.
Therefore, innovation skillsets are now essential for professional development. Creativity and the ability to guide teams and businesses through accelerating change will be the most valuable skills in our near future as we enter the “Fourth Industrial Revolution".

4 hours of bite-sized online video content

This course contains a mixture of bite-sized talking head video's, graphics and animations which explain the content in a very clear and understandable way. Watch over and over again to refresh your memory.

7 easy to use tools and templates

The free downloadable tools will help you step by step on your innovation journey. Download, print and use them over and over again for all your future projects!

Learn online when and where you want

Watch all the engaging video's – with a total of 4 hours of content – wherever and whenever it suits you. Want to refresh your memory? Just watch the content over and over again!

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Course content: 6 modules

The training contains four hours of bite-sized video's with animations, divided over six modules:

  • Module 1: Why Innovate?
    • What is innovation and why should I care?
    • Changing corporate skills and shifting culture
    • Where innovation starts
  • Module 2: Empathize & Validate 
    • Understanding your customers and users and where innovation could be most valuable
    • Toolkit: stakeholder mapping; customer persona creation; understanding the current customer reality - customer journey mapping
    • Defining the correct problem to solve
    • Validating assumptions
    • Interviewing customers
  • Module 3: Ideate
    • Creativity: the power of a serious approach
    • What stops us in generating new ideas? The creative process – structure
    • Ideation: effective brainstorming techniques in business
    • Idea selection and prioritization
  • Module 4: Prototype & Testing
    • Customer journey mapping – what if?
    • Prototyping & visualization methods
    • Techniques and guidelines for successful application
    • Testing your prototype – Planning and best practice
  • Module 5: Build
    • Creating a commercial proposition - Business Model Canvas
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Master the financial aspects of innovation by understanding how to measure your innovation practices and projects
  • Module 6: Embedding Innovation
    • Creating a culture for innovation
    • Barriers to success – why do innovation functions fail
    • Influencing others – bringing people into the process


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